Diving around Kapalai is exceedingly easy and shallow but quite spectacular:  the sandy bottom and the spare coral heads host an amazing array of small,  often yet-to-be classified, shamelessly colorful subjects, making the diving  here an unforgettable experience.  Home to the weird and techno-colored flamboyant cuttlefish rumbling on the  bottom like a miniature tank rippling with fluorescent waves of vermilion,  purple, chocolate brown, bright yellow and blinding white, all the time waving  and flourishing its paddle-shaped front tentacles like some samurai of yore,  looking more like a sensuous orchid than a predatory cephalopod ; it is the  domain of the invisible frogfish found in Kapalai in all sorts of shapes, sizes  and colors- which despite sometimes being as large as a melon will often  escape even from the most trained of wildlife spotters.  Swimming, creeping, crawling or just simply lying still on the surrounding  sand bottoms, hiding among the branching colonies of the shallow  surrounding coral reef, ambushing their unwary prey from the hideouts  offered by the resort stilts and a few artificial reefs dotting the bottom, an  amazing number of rare and unbelievably colorful species play their game of  life and death, offering discrim nating visitor unsurpassed opportunities for  interesting observation and macro photography for any discerning  photographer Though diving is the highly commended activity in Kapalai, there are other  water activities one can indulge in such as swimming, snorkeling as well as  ocean kayaking while looking at the many colorful fishes swimming freely just  a few inches beneath. Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort Diving at Kapalai is exceedingly easy and shallow but quite spectacular Diving at Kapalai PADI International Resort Association   Our PADI Dive Instructors offer a variety of PADI courses here at   Kapalai, which are as follows. 1. Discover Scuba Diving  2. Open Water  3. Advanced Open Water  4. Introduction to Night Diving  Ever got fascinated with National Geography  documented film underwater? Well, now you   have the chance to be documented in film   during your underwater stints in Sipadan   Kalapai. In addition to that, you could request   for a personalized DVD for you to bring back   home and share your experience with your loves one. For more details on this services,   visit www.lkwid.com LKWID, a small production company based  in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo is integrated within  Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort which is situated  in this Celebs Sea just a 15 minutes boat ride  from the famous diving haven Sipadan. 
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